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🎥 Magical Moments Movie Nights | FAQ

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

We’ve been meaning to do this for a while! So without further ado..

If you plan to join us at one of our outdoor cinema experiences, here’s a few things you might need to know, the who's and the what's, and some frequently asked questions:

▪️What time does the movie start?

Times do vary as our screenings start at sunset! This can be from 7-8pm or up to 9:30-10pm too. Please check updates with each event to double check with the date.

▪️Can you start it earlier?

Our cinema nights with Inflatable Flix are screened on their awesome inflatables. For best picture quality we have to wait til the sun’s set so you can enjoy and see the whole movie!

While we’re considering ways round being able to host earlier screenings in the future, we currently save our movie magic for the moonlight.

▪️What time does the event open?

We usually open a few hours before the movie, approx 6pm. If we have extras and activities on beforehand, the events may start earlier in the afternoon. Please check and confirm for each event.

▪️What time does the event end?

Depending on the start time a movie may finish for 9pm or in the summer up to 11pm. Before the clock strikes midnight..

▪️Is there seating?

We have provided inflatable sofas at previous events. Some were great, some slowly sank! We opted for bring your own chairs and allow anything from a homemade box of cushions, camping chairs, dining chairs, beanbags, picnic blankets and of course a snuggly paddling pool..

We have some magical moments camping chairs available to hire on the way for future events. These will be able to pre book as an add-on.

▪️What’s included with a VIP Pitch?

Again this can vary with each event, please check the additional information when selecting this as a booking. This usually includes your front row patch with the best view of the screen! We limit this area depending on size of the location and screen. Approx max 50 guests.

▪️How many people is this for?

Varies too. Some can be booked as a group or family ticket for 4. Check on the additional info on the ticket links when booking to confirm. Sometimes they can be purchased individually, and/or as an add-on to your VIP Pitch ticket.

▪️How big is the screen?

Depending on the audience size we increase the screen size as and when/where we can. Inflatable Flix have 3 giant screens that go up to 23ft

▪️Do you have food and drinks?

Traders can vary but we aim to have a few treats, food and drinks stands at each movie night. Check stall details for each event. We have found joy in ordering a deliveroo to the green and joining forces with Wood Fired Pizza Cheadle for future events. Order your pizza and have it delivered.

▪️Is there a bar?

Not on the green. Especially if a child friendly movie. Some venues we have a bar such as Abney Park so check details for which event you are attending.

▪️Can I bring a picnic?

Depending on the venue. On the green, yes!

▪️What if an events rescheduled?

We always do our upmost to divinely time our events and will only rearrange or reschedule dates if circumstances are unprecedented. We have previously rearranged an event due to an electrical storm and rescheduled it for the following week. Any guests unable to attend a new date can receive a code to rebook onto the next upcoming events.

▪️Can I get a refund?

We don’t currently offer refunds for events but all unprecedented circumstances will allow tickets to be transferable.

▪️How long is a transferable ticket valid for?

Currently approx 12 months although we’ll allow leeway.

▪️How much are tickets?

Standard tickets are from £8. Please check dates for early bird discounts. We start these tickets from £6 and have family tickets available also.

▪️Do I need a cinema tickets if I book VIP?

Currently yes. We used to combine the ticket cost when we included chairs and will look to find other options. A VIP Cinema Pitch is to reserve you patch and is an add on. Cinema tickets are still required.

▪️Do you have toilets?

We have had and working on access to another community toilet and depending on the venue we get porta loos where possible and have our save the day pop up loos.

▪️What films are you showing next?

So far we have Sing the Movie in July. The Greatest Showman in August and a Halloween Special booked too. We plan to add a few more in this year and oh what the hell, double it for 2023 too!

We aim to show more movies and have more dates AND we’re working with a few collaborators at the moment to bring you more Magical Moments Movie Nights in different locations. And guess what, not just in Cheadle!

▪️Movies we aim to screen on a green:

The Rocky Horror


Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

Bohemian Rhapsody

A Star is Born

Jurassic Park

The one with Elton..


Pitch Perfect



What would you like to see?

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