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Cheadle Fest coming to town!

Here's our very first blog and the updates for Cheadle Fest so far...

Just another Magical Monday... (6th June)

Cheadle ..are you ready!?

While we planned to bring this collab to Cheadle in 2020 and we were going to hold off til next year, we figured why wait!

Combing all the events in Abney Park over the 16-17th July, we have joined forces with the awesome Abney Cafe, fellow community groups and local businesses to bring you CHEADLE FEST!!

We hope next year we can host a week full of events and activities throughout the village, and if you’d like to do something this year anyway get in touch!

What to expect this year, so far…

This years Picnic with the Cheadle Civic Society aims to bring an intergenerational celebration to remember. Back outside The Great Abney Hall with fun for all the family.

With 4 sites across the park, activities, performances and all sorts of shenanigans.. what more could we ask for!

Bring your picnic and enjoy the show!

The Picnic is FREE to attend with thanks and support from the local councillors and SMBC.

For cinema, camping and festival tickets visit

Midweek Magic.. (still June! :)

It's so exciting how this fell back together as quickly as it was cancelled the first time round!

We’ve lots to announce and currently making some new posters and banners for the village.. ..if you’d like to join us to support the event, host a popup in Cheadle (that week or weekend) get in touch ASAP and we’ll add it to the celebrations!

There will also be an Event Programme with what’s on, who’s where and of course supporting our local businesses while we’re at it..

Message us or email to get involved, advertise with us or find out more! #cheadle

Friyay.. (Friday 10th June)

We got some of these printed today!! ..and we love them! Thankyou so much @mmpcheadle

..and of course to all our other collaborators! Especially and as ever to @jasfunerals

..the awesome Abney Cafe

..the fantastic Cheadle Post!

And a HUGE shout out to MITCHELL WILLIAMS ESTATE AGENTS ..we also #lovewhereyoulive and we really love your logo!!

More info and updates are on the way.. including a downloadable festival pack, so you as an individual or business can get involved and join in the celebrations!

Until then, if you could do us the honour of sharing our page, post or the ‘Cheadle Fest’ event link it would be very much appreciated..





We’re now on insta too! @cheadlefest

More updates and blogs on the way! Yay!

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