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How it all began...

Can I say accidentally.. coincidentally or a little and a lot like magic.

What I've found, if you try to run away from your calling, it will find you or redirect you in ways that some how create all those magical moments along the way. 

What is it, not about the destination but a way of life..

I don't want to write 'too much' and not just because there's a blog on here now, but really, < this > all started with me writing a book and it's time I got to finishing it, yet I want and need to share some snippets and as to why in reality, in realising the twists turns and where this business is going, it's really part of it all. Part of the vision, the mission and really everything on this website was originally designed for the opposite of what it's for!!!


Timeline rundown, when what you want and what's happening anyway, is just going to happen anyway...

2009 -  I did NOT want to move to Cheadle - it's funny now!

2010 - I moved to Cheadle!  *laughs*

2012 - 2 kids, loved my job, the home of my dreams, PTSD and I wasn't leaving the house for much

2013 - Back to work. HR and now Head of Fundraising (Normal folk do bake sales, I had to get my fellow colleagues to pull a bus through Cheadle. For Children in Need of course, not just the fun of it!)

2014 - Few years of fun-raising, a charity committee, redundancy, single mum life, the winds of change and new beginnings. 

2015 - I joined the Cheadle Civic Society (thanks to a friend forcing with friendly encouragement so I did) and once I realised Halloween rhymed with Green, well, that was it..

Not long after we set up Cheadle-Get-Connected C.I.C. and the rest is literally history and yet the foundations to all this woo woo!

2016 - Of course I got carried away.. Halloween take 2, a cinema and a bus pull, all in one.

While there was probably a few occasions to recall, I don't know if this event broke me, made me, or saved me.. And as ever I always said 'never again' - and I don't kid myself anymore.

2017 - 'Should we have a picnic over there..'

Whatever I was facing, whether grief, redundancy, trying to walk a baby out of me or simply wandering to wander, Abney was that place. A place I'd cry, make wishes and dream. So in some sense it's not just that the picnic is an event, to me I hope and want it to be a shared hope, a light that could in some way relight that spark in someone, to help them dream or even dare too. It started as an oo wouldn't that be fun but it's so much more than that.

2018 - Take 2 Picnic | Take 4 Halloween and still shockingly graduated somewhere in between. Some goals hit different when you believe for most, if not all your life you couldn't do something, not you, surely. And yet we can surprise ourselves as much as we can others. Nothing is impossible hey..

2019 - Another awesome picnic and what a cinema to remember!

And yet while it was awesome, the new way, the magical moments way, found the value in less being more, chilled over crowded, making moments that little more exclusive and extra special.

2020 - Well don't we know it..

And yet this was the start of Magical Moments being born and I didn't even know!

On the Green Events was going to have a base, a community cafe of sorts and yet there's not a day goes by I'm not more grateful that didn't happen. And here's where it gets ironic..

2021 - I tried to leave Cheadle. Again.

I said and I'm sorry, 'there's only so many times you can go Abney park' and ok, while it could be true from some perspectives, the irony I only ever wanted to go more. Talk about social anxiety.. The girl who ran the Makers Market wouldn't go for years. The girl who hosts events in the park wouldn't and somehow couldn't even go to the park alone. Some can be disgusted with my events and some are amazed, but to me the real amazement isn't what I did but what I overcame to do so.

Once I realised I wasn't leaving Cheadle, just yet..

And no matter how many times I said I was never doing an event again, the fact I couldn't stop or seemingly felt like it was somewhat beyond my control.. Somewhat so, these days I see myself or my human as a vessel, just to get it done, and do what I'm here to do. It might seem like that's events, but my inner goal, after all this time is to encourage others to simply be who they are. Embrace that weird calling inside, be imperfectly perfect and enjoy as many moments along the way as you can.. To look for the magic, embrace it, however it appears to you, it is there.

Last Spring I decided I wasn't hiding anymore. I wasn't pretending my events weren't my events and under no circumstances was I running or hiding any longer. I can't practice what I preach, singalong to this is me and not just be me, how else would I even get to inspire that on to others. I took on a PTSD UK challenge, to simply go for a walk, to the park each day, and that I did. There's no empowerment like facing your fears, even if you are crying and shaking that WILL change! Believing helps, it's harder when you need to the most but it's the only way you can be so wowed.

So in someway this isn't just to those who've attended or booked on to a magical moments event, but know, even if you just read this, I hope it gives you the hope you were looking for.. believe again, rediscover magic in the moments, experiences and events.

When I started writing my book 'Magic in Moments' in lockdown - Magical Moments didn't even exist. I had a dormant business that tripped up before it even began and all I had left was my story.

I'd experienced too many magical moments and miracles not to share them, I just wanted to document them at first, even add up how may there were and gosh, all that's happened since I pressed pause has blown me away.


I did NOT make this website to host community events, anymore!

I was attempting to hire out teepees - which literally > never happened.

I aimed to do smaller events and parties instead and ended up right back where I started even though I set out to do the opposite. Did I miss something here or what. But hey, what's meant to happen happens right..

So before I leave you with the new improved vision and mission of Magical Moments, now it's more clear to where this is going, here's a random list of magical moments that I would love to document and share with you...

2022 - And so it is

  • Cheadle finally has its own Festival!

  • A million dreams come true...

  • It could, would and should be expected from a big company, but in reality it was just a small town girls overexcited dream

The MM Highlights

  • We brought real life reindeer to Cheadle's Christmas Market Day. Whaaat! (I'd found out my grandma's maiden name translated to reindeer a few years ago, so while it was wow it was a lot like magic)

  • We held off and survived a few torrential storms..

  • We held 5 community events in 2021, a day to remember, halloween's, cinema's and santa's workshops.

  • We've seen 6 events so far for 2022 and 5 more on the way. From an awesome Mad Hatters Tea Party, 3 cinema's and now a camping event in the festival mix. 

  • We've held a total of 7 screenings with Inflatable Flix  - and hope to double that next year!

  • We also left the village a few times and plan to do a few events on the outside too! - events on tour.. did someone say bus..

  • Hiring Minty the camper for Cheadle Fest still unbelievable it really happened.

  • We've had the honour of Shimba the barn owl and Chocolate the eagle owl join us at events, unfortunately poorly for this year but we send them our best and look forward to the next time!

  • So many first time stalls joined us again! New and exciting collaborations in the village.

  • Generating a vibe, making moments magical with experiences you just don't get everyday.

  • Any excuse for fancy dress but an elf life highlight for sure!

  • Firemen coming to save the day and fill up our pool. Still shocked and grateful!

  • Being awarded funding on behalf of the CCS to host the picnic for free alongside Cheadle Fest

  • Establishing an awesome team! (A possible 30 years+ of fundraising and community experience combined, not to mention our awesome scout/wizard Harry!)

  • Magical Memories made and exciting plans in the pipeline..


To create an ongoing flow of magical moments. To inspire our guests, collaborators or passerby with hope, dreams and to find the magic in being who they were created to be. Lighting up moments for opportunities to see and feel the real life magic, usually in the great outdoors.. 'on the green' somewhere under rainbows in the enchanted forest.



Alone we can do all sorts, but together we can achieve the wondrous and all things magical. 


Our aim is to grow Cheadle Fest into a 3 day community celebration to look forward to each year, also hosting seasonal sunset screenings to create and instigate moments to remember and treasured times with your favs.


Whether you'd like to collaborate, attend an experience or speak to us about making your magical moments extra special, get in touch or book an upcoming event today!

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